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Hi, my name is Aliaha Brown. I’m a writer. It’s strange claiming that but I am a writer. I’m not making a living off of what I write. But it’s what I love to do besides read. You might wonder what got me interested in writing. You might not care either way I’m going to tell you anyway.

One boring summer afternoon…
My sister was driving me crazy, okay that’s not how I became interested in writing.  It might be how the story Beck the Speck came to be. Let’s save that story for a rainy day.
What really got me interested in writing was an awards assembly. Yes, I was one of those kids. The ones with straight A+’s as well as allowing other kids to copy off of their homework before class. The ones that always managed to get an award sometimes multiple awards every awards assembly. The reason for all of my good grades was simple. It has 11 letters and starts with a C and ends with an N.
I loved getting awards and beating my fellow students. I didn’t rub it in their faces because they didn’t care much. But it was always a hidden competition for me. Eventually this led to competing with my self by trying to do better than what I did before.
Okay, back to the awards assembly that challenged me to be a writer. They announced the names of each student awarded with Student of the Month, Math, Science, Most Improved, Etc. Then they announced the writers award it came with a hardcover blank book for the student to write and illustrate their own stories. I wanted the writing award desperately. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that award, but I did get challenged to write the stuff I imagined.

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